1. Introduction to Us

Any views expressed here are of my own only and do not reflect those of my employer.

The only people named in this blog are myself Claire, my partner Adam and the cat Tupac, anyone I refer to is anonymised or else given the title mum, dad, brother, sister. You will only see pictures of the cat.

The blog is a personal record of our experiences with covid-19, the point of view is from myself, as Adam is unable to remember much about what happened, but he has read through each of my entries. To be honest I have struggled trying to recount certain aspects of our story, but have managed to piece together our journey with covid-19, through reading back through messages, which has been quite an experience.

I initially started writing a piece of reflection about our experience on day 38 of being unwell, I got upset, writing about the second week of our experience and was unable to continue, I always intended to carry on writing this, but just didn’t know when I would be able to. I use reflection in my day to day aspects of work, its a good learning tool and helps you make sense of situations, evaluating and analysing the experience or situation. I have found that in the recovery stages of covid-19, fatigue plays a big part, so I have only been able to write when I have felt well enough to do so and in short bursts.

I realised that when I had reached over 4000 words, this was no longer a piece of reflection, but something else, I don’t know what to call this. I never intended to publish our story, it was just going to be used as an outlet for me and somewhere to jot down our experience. I’ve never written a blog before, so I may have bypassed the standard operating procedures, I’ve numbered each blog, so it should in theory make the blog easier to follow and keep the story in context.

The cat, who plays quite a big part in our story and who is responsible for getting me out of bed for a two week period, sat on my Samsung tablet and the screen wouldn’t work. It stopped me writing, gave me an excuse not to write anything, its working now, so I have no excuses, the cat is now banned from all electronic devices.

We both become unwell with covid-19 symptoms on 31st March 2020, what follows is what happened to us.

Tupac Cat April 2020

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