10. Continuing Week Four – Realisations and a Week in Time

We both have a disturbed nights sleep, it’s a different environment for Adam and he hasn’t been able to get comfortable, no matter how many times he shuffled the pillows in the night. I spent the night listening out for his breathing, the slightest odd noise or cough and I’m awake, watching and listening. PlusContinue reading “10. Continuing Week Four – Realisations and a Week in Time”

9. Week Four – Home Coming

Adam videos calls me the morning, he doesn’t have any oxygen on, I ask him why, he tells me that the doctors have been round and want to see how he goes without any oxygen and he has more bloods taken, if all is well, he can come home. This is amazing news to hear,Continue reading “9. Week Four – Home Coming”

8. Week Three – Egg and Cat Attack

Adam messages me in the early hours of the morning, he can’t sleep, another patient in the ward bay is having a disturbed night, Adam is looking out for him and presses his buzzer when the other patient needs something or needs help. We message each other in the morning, Adam has managed to sleep,Continue reading “8. Week Three – Egg and Cat Attack”