11. Week Five and Six – Grocery Shopping, Gardening and What to do Next Week

Heading into week five, we are both hurting, the aches are overwhelming on top of breathlessness. We both shower, Adam showers on his own, only a couple of dizzy spells, but he has done it, I stayed in the bathroom encase he falls out of the shower, although I am not sure what help IContinue reading “11. Week Five and Six – Grocery Shopping, Gardening and What to do Next Week”

10. Continuing Week Four – Realisations and a Week in Time

We both have a disturbed nights sleep, it’s a different environment for Adam and he hasn’t been able to get comfortable, no matter how many times he shuffled the pillows in the night. I spent the night listening out for his breathing, the slightest odd noise or cough and I’m awake, watching and listening. PlusContinue reading “10. Continuing Week Four – Realisations and a Week in Time”

9. Week Four – Home Coming

Adam videos calls me the morning, he doesn’t have any oxygen on, I ask him why, he tells me that the doctors have been round and want to see how he goes without any oxygen and he has more bloods taken, if all is well, he can come home. This is amazing news to hear,Continue reading “9. Week Four – Home Coming”

7. Week Three – Twists and Turns of Covid-19

Adam’s doctor contacts me in the morning, Adam needs some clean clothes and some toiletries, I get together some bits and pieces, I put a big piece of paper in the bag with Adam’s name and ward on it, I dont know if there is a procedure in place, I was just told to takeContinue reading “7. Week Three – Twists and Turns of Covid-19”

6. End of week Two – Spider and Future Plans

Two people I know are now off from work, one has started to have covid symptoms and the other is in a household with covid symptoms, both are due to be tested. The one with the covid symptoms, will now be known as my covid buddy. My friends sister has started having covid-19 symptoms, sheContinue reading “6. End of week Two – Spider and Future Plans”

5. Continuing week Two – Small Achievements

The following day the doctors have completed their rounds, Adam is now on humified oxygen and antibiotics have been changed to oral. Adam tells me he is coughing less and we decide to post an update on Adams progress so far. I mention in my post that healthcare has never been so prominent, extraordinary andContinue reading “5. Continuing week Two – Small Achievements”